I don't know which to do first, so I'll do them side by side:

Gone Jackal | Jaubertmoniker | Hermetic
| |
I can't believe you're |Congratulations on |Please—get help.
leaving! Damn it, you |becoming an editor! |You don’t have
mailed me my copy of |Now I must live in |to go through this
The Mabinogion in Welsh! |fear of you! |alone. There are
You made wonderful |Alright, boyo--off |people out there who
political arguments! |to work you go. |care for you--in
You sang Dead Kennedys |(and don't forget |your real life,
with me! How can you |those sexual bribes |and your online one.
leave? I will miss you |I promised!) |I don’t know if
more than Dorothy missed | |any of this helps,
the Scarecrow. You will | |(and I don’t pretend
not be forgotten. (and | |that it does,
send me a goddamn post- | |but I can only hope
card!) | |that it doesn’t hurt.
|We do love you.