In Dungeons and Dragons, beginning with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons First Edition's Monster Manual II, a cambion is a half-demon, or half-tanar'ri in the nomenclature of Second Edition. The term is not used much in Third Edition, but the concept is definitely there, with a half-fiend template used to generate cambions and alu-demons.

Cambions are always male, alu-fiends being their female counterparts. The specific details of what parentage produces a cambion vary from edition to edition, but it is generally agreed that they are sired by a demon on a mortal female, while alu-demons are the offspring of succubi.

Cambions are described as being tall and thin humanoids with pale hair and scaly, flaky, grey skin, although this description is not constant, least of all in the case of the Forgotten Realms' fey'ri elf-tanar'ri crossbreeds. There has been some debate as to whether cambions are tieflings - the current 'official' answer appearing to be no.