A place to masturbate, in a porn shop or an adult book store. Usually about the size of a closet, and containing some kind of visual pornography. Sometimes the beatboxes will have a video running, where you can change the channels (A place where 'don't touch that dial' is meant very literally). I've also heard of beatboxes where you can see a live nude show, usually a stripper is unveiled by some kind of seperator. Although the cost varies, you are usually charged by the minute.

Porno shops that contain beatboxes usually are pretty busy, so don't spend a bunch of time in there cleaning up, or whatever. There are also usually bouncers in there just waiting for you to do something stupid, so don't.

I would also suggest not bringing any lotion into the beatbox, because lotion just takes that much longer to clean up, and makes things even stickier.

It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, do not touch your penis if you have touched any moist surface before entering the beatbox, and do not touch your eyes, mouth, ears, nose, face, or any other orfice after exiting it.

Wash your hands.