If I were to say that "Everyone from Russia is a Communist Spy", I'd be lambasted as make broad generalizations. And yet, it's okay to bash Americans on the same premises?

The above sentence is "Why People Make Fun of Americans In a Nutshell". You're so self-centered! Read Outside it's America and I'm from America. What the hell is your problem with me? for more takes on how self-absorbed American seem to the rest of the world.

From the general tone of your complaint, you obviously seem to think that either a) it's not ok to make fun of Americans or b) only Americans are being made fun of. If you think that US or Canadian citizens are beyond and above reproach, there's nothing to talk about. If you think that only Americans have the piss taken, well, xunker, you obviously need to travel.

I'm Jewish, was born in the USSR and was raised in Israel. If you listen to my friends, all I ever do is alternate between feeding people to death, oppressing Palestinians and spying for the KGB. My husband is English, so of course he's the House Imperialist Pig, and one of our best friends is German - he routinely threatens to stick me in the oven and is constantly accused of wandering off and absentmindedly invading Poland.

All of the above are issues slightly more sensitive that whether or not any of us speak too loudly or have bad taste in presidents - yet we still manage to find them hysterically funny, among friends. With your whining about how nobody likes Americans and treats them as fair game, you set yourself up as a perfect butt for exactly that kind of joke.

It is not your right as an American to be spared the small social embarrassements everybody else is subject to.

heyoka says you palestinian opressing KGB spy with secret chicken noodle soup weapons, you. you are infiltrating the good wholesome upstanding american database!