I didn't drive today and it feels weird!

My girlfriend drove today instead after having rented the most "non-car" one could ever drive. The Toyota Echo was underpowered and slow by my taste. I require something faster and more agile. But amazingly enough, the car's lack of performance doesn't phase her. While in the car, I mention how odd my Focus ZX3 behaves when it forgoes a day without me having driven it. The tire seems to flatspot to a minute degree and the engine stays cold and stale a little longer than usual.
For her, it was a time to finally learn the driving route I go through everyday. A switch in roles is kind of nice, though my clutch foot, my steering arm and shifting hand remains twitchy, even as I write this. So instead of putting her face on in preparing for work while I drive, she takes directions from my backseat driving.
Being a dreary and rainy day, it doesn't make things easier. The highway wasn't as crowded as other days and she handled everything very well. I am still somewhat weary by her driving and her full-faced lane-changes as opposed to a more proper quick-glance-to-see-if-there's-a-car-in-my-blind-spot. Nonetheless, it was a peaceful ride and I remain intact of all my body parts and sanity.