Since I don't usually do any noding on the weekends, I'm going to include my weekends on the Monday logs.

The past weekend was fantastic indeed! Starting on Friday, going to the company party wasn't too bad. It could be better. The dinner was a buffet, and it wasn't anything spectacular. It was free, so I didn't feel too bad for eating free food. My Love and I started by having a couple of Bloody Ceasars loosen up our social anxiety. I haven't been to any functions like this, and she knows about these parties all too well. She doesn't like them. We schmooze a bit, talking to some unawkward people. Everyone else was awkward. My Love and I notice some people leering at us. Or actually, more at her because she's wearing pink sequence, low-cut and shiny like a disco ball and a shiny black skirt with high heels. She's almost 6 feet tall with those shoes.

We pretty much stayed amongst ourselves, with the exception of talking to one of the Lead Architects in our company. He was chinese, and we spoke of travelling and comparing the Japanese, Chinese, and English languages, sprinkling in some of our own experiences as well as experiences from others we know. My Love was comfortable talking with him and his sister. Afterwards, I generalized that she is so Whasian because she better relates to Asians. We laugh.

Staying at the Royal York was a delightful experience. The love-mak...I mean, the room was ornate with floral motifs. The view was somewhat pleasant with the exception of being able to look through the windows of the adjacent office buildings. But overall, the room was cozy, as was the sex.

8:00am EST
As I open my eyes with mighty force, I really don't feel like going to work today. The weekend was too good. I watched the movie Unbreakable. Very good! I recommend it. Seeing my Love leave for the train was very sad for me. She has to go back to do some more of her school work. That sucks. And yesterday, I took her to York University for her Japanese test. I hope she gets accepted into the JET program.

8:30am EST
I decide to spike my hair like on Friday, and to wear my cool new green-lensed sunglasses. I'm retrofreak! I put on my love-scarf she and I bought together at a Queen Street store. I head towards my car and realize "I am pretty cool" in the most superficial sense. I dress well, and drive even better. I feel pompous.

10:13am EST
As I write this, I recall driving yesterday from 4:30pm to 5:55pm last evening from the movie theatre at Highway 7 and Hwy 400 to my place. It was a very good drive going beyond speed. I then had to take my Love to the nearest Subway sandwich store and then to Union Station. I almost thought we couldn't make it, but my driving skills saved the day. I call it driving like Batman. She calls it driving like a maniac.

5:15pm EST
I can't believe it! I come out of my building, and I find a great big dent on the right side of my car! Bastard! I can't believe this happened to me! Some idiot just left a big mark on my car with no apology! What a dumbass driver! I can just scream bloody murder! Only one month old, and this happens! I look around. No witnesses. No one but me cares about the dent in my car! What an awful end to a stupid day!

I know this is all worldy-insignificant, but this is costing me peace of mind, distress, and about $500 to $600!