Already, I find it to be renewing.

Only a few days away is the New Year, and I find that it's going to be different this time. And no, I'm not lying. I won't be lying to myself like I have for many years before. This time around I will find a love I would have never even fathomed. I will experience the many facets of living as I drive myself through the roads. This time, I will attempt to out-drive myself.

Already, these thoughts enter my mind, those that have become unfamiliar is gaining credibility once again. This darkness that looms over me has transformed into something more understandable. I have befriended it again without harsh judgement like those who do not understand.

Baffled yet?

You probably don't understand. No matter. I will probably decipher more of this after April, for your benefit as well as my own.

I know already what matters and what does not. I need not to speak of it - the good or the bad.

We shall know in April.