This Christmas Season has already been rough on poor nocode.

This week, I learned that my favorite teacher ever- my 6th grade teacher- died of stomach cancer last week.

Also this week, I learned that one of my high school classmates (I am merely a freshman in college) died in a car wreck on Sunday (it is now Wednesday).

Finally, this evening, I was informed that my 76-year-old, bipolar great uncle attempted to kill both himself and his wife, who has been suffering from alzheimer's for a very long time. He failed on both counts. Now she is in the hospital, and totally confused, and he is drugged up and chained to a bed in the New Mexico state mental ward.

This is not an anomalous year, either.

On December 21st, three years ago, the girl I was dating died in a car wreck while driving home from school.

On December 14th, when I was nine, my uncle Bill, whose house I had more-or-less lived in until that point, died of Marfan's Syndrome without warning.

My Birthday is December 17th. Happy birthday to me. Merry Christmas, every one.

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