To gahachino I align my support, as far as Victoria's Secret goes in not having polite, helpful, or kind employees as well as inadequate sizes. Even if my addition here is from the opposite pole of boobness, I thought it appropriate to add it here.

A friend of mine had asked me to send some sexy underwear to a friend of his (who doesn't know me) as a gag. What better place to go for a one item purchase like that than Vickie's? Even if I didn't have such a prescribed itinerary as this prior to entering the candy striped shrine, I always had something specific that I wanted to buy. I never browse around Vickie's, because they never really let you do it without hounding you, and it's not like you can hide behind a clothesrack of see through panties on hangers.

I made a beeline to the rack of panties I knew would work for my assignment, which was all the way at the back of the store. This form of attack purchase must be unusual for Vickie's employees because poor Monique almost had to corral me like some wayward calf at a rodeo. She was carrying this big poofty red lace bra.

"I'd like to show you one of our new items." Monique begins her presentation by squeezing the cup of the bra to illustrate that it was filled with water and saline, a step beyond in Wonderbras. Feel how comfortable that would be, she coos.

Now I thought that employees at Victoria's Secret were trained to determine your cup size the moment you crossed the threshold. If little Monique had been better trained she would realize that I am a 36C and in Vickie's ware, which is closest to a D in their sizes, so what the FUCK would I want a padded bra for??