Noding is fascinating to me. It is something everyone does when writing wouldn't always be appealing. Even those who do not write on a regular basis can node. It is an act of doing something productive when it's expected that you be the least productive. It's saying that you did something, at least you did something.

Some people node what they know, allowing it to be seen in a widely applied forum unique to the Internet as far as I've been aware. Some node to communicate with specific people or to express certain emotions or ideas in a place that warmly welcomes a wide spectrum of subjects.

You can write your own articles here, seeing them published with little struggle to be heard. Noding fills hours that, while surely being filled some other way, makes you feel that you've accomplished something, that something in this world is linear when your thoughts cannot be.

Noding is like the change cup at your front door, the one that begins to collect all types of items in addition to ignored pennies, a place you put things so you don't forget them, a place you go rooting around in when you've lost something. Noding and reading nodes enables you to see the thought patterns and interests of other people, something a personal web site cannot always do, as a journal is different in its scope. Nodes are the footnotes of everyday life; they have a certain place where they can always be found.

We all know noding is addictive, that in the flood outward of thought there is a replenished flood going in, and that for better or worse, it cleanses the system of struggles, anger, seemingly trite information, and the irresistable desire to promote joy.

We are all seeking to be heard, for our words to be searched for and found, even to be replied to by others. We are all also finding ourselves alone more often. Noding enables me to say that I wrote something today, that I spoke to someone, that I carried even a meaningless dialogue with someone, that I in fact, exist.