A roughly cylindrical object which usually is used to hold a flexible material like wire or string.

spoof = S = spool file

spool vi.

[from early IBM `Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line', but is widely thought to be a backronym] To send files to some device or program (a `spooler') that queues them up and does something useful with them later. Without qualification, the spooler is the `print spooler' controlling output of jobs to a printer; but the term has been used in connection with other peripherals (especially plotters and graphics devices) and occasionally even for input devices. See also demon.

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Spool (?), n. [OE. spole, OD. spoele, D. spoel; akin to G. spule, OHG. spuola, Dan. & Sw. spole.]

A piece of cane or red with a knot at each end, or a hollow cylinder of wood with a ridge at each end, used to wind thread or yarn upon.

Spool stand, an article holding spools of thread, turning on pins, -- used by women at their work.


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Spool, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Spooled (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Spooling.]

To wind on a spool or spools.


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