I end up finding out when we've gotten too close, when we've made some compromise that never seemed as detrimental at the outset but now it's the thing running through your mind when you see him, it's the thing you regret.

1) He lets you come over and hang out for hours but he never calls you to invite you anywhere.

2) The one time he says he came by your place, it's completely at random and you're never home when he does, so you have to just believe him.

3) He is the best person to have long discussions with but never tells anyone about the ones he has with you.

4) He warns you in advance that he's a dick and you don't believe him until it's too late.

5) He wouldn't do anything to hurt you, but he wouldn't do anything to help you either i.e. stop you from making an ass out of yourself and cut you loose.

6) He picks up other chicks when he's sitting with you somewhere and it's clear that it's just the two of you.

7) He can break your heart just by never liking you back.

8) He embodies the things you love and hate the most about men.

I'm sorry if this seems like a male bashing node, but I am kind of just responding to the node about How to tell a girl just wants to be friends and figured it needed a bookend. Guys have gotten better to be friends with, but I have had a few really take advantage of the fact that I was gaga for them. And it hurts, especially when you try to sell yourself as a tom boy and they see right through it.