RPG Maker 2003 is the new RPG creation utility for Windows 95 and up published by Enterbrain of Japan. Succeeding RPG Maker 2000 (there wasn't a 2001 or 2002), this utility allows one with little coding and programming experience to create a small RPG in a few minutes, or a feature length game in either weeks, months, or years.

New things:

  • New battle system. It's now an ATB system, rather like FF6.
  • New class system.
  • Transparent textboxes and battle windows. For that extra graphical edge.
  • More options for status conditions. Now things like Regen and Reflect are possible.
  • Max HP goes up from 999 to 9,999. For that extra leveling, because
  • Max level is now 99 nstead of 50.
  • Frame support. Now you can have a frame (i.e. a heads-up display) for various things.
  • RPG Maker 2000 games are compatible. But if you want to turn them into RM2K3 games, there are lots of things to add.
  • New Event Finder. This helps find a single event in that hairy mess of commands you call a mini-game.