This node serves two purposes, one of which is to pay tribute to those people who use computers everyday but are too irresponsible or too stupid to learn about them. The other is to explain how this node came about.

Part 1 Thank you, to all the people in the world who work on computers every single day of your life day in and day out, but know nothing about them. Sure being a tech support worker is made more difficult by these people, but I think that they make life more interesting. It proves once and for all that no two minds think alike. You may explain something to two people the same way, but neither of them will “process” it the same as the other. This intrigues me.

Computer, to many people, is a word that means internet, e-mail, games, e-bay, porn, or work. Few of these people actually associate it with all of the many things that they can do. Even fewer people actually know how to navigate their computer. Anyone can surf the web, or do their job once they are shown how, but learning to navigate a computer is an entirely different feat all together. I tip my cowboy hat to those who know nothing about computers, I was once like you, but I cared enough and had a passion to learn about them. I think we all should.

Part 2 What spawned this thought is, at the moment my corporation is bringing down the old Microsoft Mail service. We are going to rely entirely on our Microsoft Exchange Server. The Microsoft Mail is old, and starting to cause odd problems. To do this and keep our techs from running all over hell, and keep our mileage bills low, we’ve decided to send out an e-mail telling people how to change their default mailing address book and remove the Microsoft Mail service.
Still sounds simple?
Now we are fortunate enough to have a... Special Lady working in our building who you might say it the whole reason for this write-up. She made us aware on our test that we were too technical.
OK Betty. Please tell us how we were too technical.

  • By saying "Open Microsoft Outlook 98." instead of saying "Open up your mail."
  • By saying “Click finish and you are done.” Instead of “Now you can go back to what you were doing before receiving this e-mail.” (she spent 10 min looking at the e-mail screen afraid to touch anything)
  • When quoting a line off of a window so that the users would know what to click, we left out the word address in this quote “Show this address list first:” this one stumped her big time.
Ok well these were our fault, but here’s an idea that you are free to distribute whenever you like. THINK FOR YOURSELVES. If you are going to be working with something, learn a little bit about it. Learn how to use it and take care of it.

Once again I may have gotten a little off track, but Thank You to these people. Without you, we would expect too much from the world.

Wow... ever write a node and think that point was missed?
This was all just to get some laughs by explaining a little piece of my day.