What a wonderful day today was.
This is based on two things for me.

1.) My mother made chicken dumplings and invited me over for dinner. Whatever God may be, I thank God for that woman.
2.) I got to see my best friend from Highschool today. Marcus Vandrovec, friend tried and true. He has always been there for me when I needed him, but I had not seen him for about a year or so, so it was great to see him again.

All in all today was a pretty good day. I studied a lot, and got some good work around the house done, and managed to do some beer drinkin' with an old pard from 'the good ol' days".
Wny can't all weekends be like this one. anm and his wife finished moving into their new house with the aid of my truck Friday, so I picked it back up from him today. I hate driving his GEO Tracker, it makes me feel like a dork (more than usual).

Well back to the dull drudgery of studying I suppose...