What a weekend.

Looks like I have almost got enough for the laptop I've been saving for. Not "A" laptop ok, "THE" laptop. A PIII 950mhz, 256RAM, 14.1" DVD, screen, a GeForce 2 card, built in NIC, Windows 2000 Pro, and a 20 something Gig harddrive.

Some odd computer work this weekend got me to the get ready point. Sounds like I will be portable soon, I look forward to this. I just hope I will be able to do what I have planned for it... (take over the world).

Had fun with friends this week, hung out with anm and his wife for the first time in a while.

The coolest thing bar none about this weekend though is my house. I for the first time in my life have house lights (for christmas) and decorations. When I live with my folks it was too dangerous to put lights on their MASSIVE house. We couldn't even hire someone to do it. Anyway, this is very exciting for me, My house is circled in small blue lights. It's quite nice, and definately stands out in the neighborhood.