Well it happened, after 4 months of living together, my girlfriend and I have finally called it off.

Is this a bad thing?
No. This has been a longtime coming, we both knew it, but we've been trying to live like 'normal' people, trying to hide the fact that we were completely dissatisfied with each other. Our friends knew before we did, good friends can always tell when something is wrong.

What else could go wrong?
Well not only did I lose a girlfriend but I may have lost an old friend. Paul a buddy of mine since freshmen year in highschool, has not exactly been what you would call a choice friend. He's many times stolen or moved in immediately after one of my relationships and picked up where I've left off. It seems this is yet another one of those times. When I went to sleep in my room last night, Paul was already asleep in my ex's bed, she climbed right in next to him, and went to sleep. Now I don't know for sure that something is going on, but given his record, and knowing first hand that she HAS TO HAVE SEX CONSTANTLY, I get the idea.

So what now?
Well, I'm no longer bound to Nacogdoches, I can go wherever the hell I want. I was thinking of finally getting down to Austin, or up to Amarillo, but my options are not limited to that. I also have considered taking some money out of the bank and just wandering around America. Buy a laptop, put my mountain bike in the truck and drive. It's time to do something different, hey if y'all've got any ideas, shout em' out.

So who's sleeping where?
I don't know really know what to do right now, she's sleeping in her bedrrom, but Paul was scheduled to be our 3rd roommate. Where will he sleep now that both rooms are in use? Well if you've read the whole novel here, you can figure that out, as I have. I am sleeping in my bed alone, with my cat, so I'm not completely lonely.

Life's tough and the world sucks sometimes. I'll be ok, I was over this breakup in record time, due to our last three weeks of hell, but there's still a hole to be filled.