One of the most important rules of golf, and one frequently ignored by duffers and casual cheats, is that you should take your next shot from wherever your ball has landed. (There are exceptions: if the ball ends up in a water hazard or its position puts someone in physical danger, nobody will expect you to play it where it lies.)

This rule has been cited in many cartoons, when a tee shot lands on the face of a sleeping person. The golfer generally stands on the sleeper's stomach, takes a wild swing, and takes a divot out of the guy's face. In practice, one would move the ball so as not to risk harming someone.

Off the links, this rule can be even more important. When you're in a bad position, you'll have to start from there to improve your situation. When you don't like the truth, it is nonetheless the truth. In short, you have to play it where it lies.