A golfer who is very bad at the game. Also known as a "hacker," but that term has come to have other connotations these days. If you know a bad golfer and you like him, he's a "duffer." If you dislike him, he's a "hacker." In terms of a golf handicap, anyone who has one of 18+ would be considered a duffer.

Duf"fer (?), n.


A peddler or hawker, especially of cheap, flashy articles, as sham jewelry; hence, a sham or cheat. [Slang, Eng.] Halliwell.


A stupid, awkward, inefficient person.[Slang]


© Webster 1913

Duf"fer, n.

1. (Mining)

See Shicer.

2. (Zoöl.)

Any common domestic pigeon.


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Duf"fer, n.

One who duffs cattle, etc. [Australia]

Unluckily, cattle stealers are by no means so rare as would be desirable; they are locally known as duffers.


© Webster 1913

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