Yesterday I whined about being without my car and without a way to dry my damp laundry.

I didn't actually ask "What NEXT?!", but God heard me anyway.

I walked to my appointment with the ear, nose and throat guy as planned. I did not plan, however, on the dry spell of the past few months suddenly being broken by a downpour.

Walking home, I appropriated some street spam -- corrugated plastic signs illegally posted in the right of way -- to use as an umbrella, since my umbrella is in my car, at the shop. A minute or two later, someone jogged up behind me and nearly wrenched my arm out of its socket trying to get the signs back. During a brief tug of war, I told him that they were illegal signs and they'd do more good as an umbrella. I consider it a minor form of squatting. He walked away without the signs, saying he'd call the cops. ("Hello, Officer? I posted signs in the right of way and someone removed them, so I attacked him." "We'll be right over, sir, stay where you are.")

I walked home with the signs, sopping wet except for my head, and got into dry clothes. I guess there's no hope for drying last night's laundry, though -- the weather doesn't seem to have done them any good.

The dealership garage says they'll TRY to have my car ready tonight. WHAT DO YOU MEAN TRY?!

"...Great, I'd really appreciate that, sir, I just walked through the rain to a doctor's appointment and I don't have a laundromat within walking distance. I really appreciate your help." You catch more flies with honey.

update, 5pm: I've got my car! I've got my car! The prodigal detachable penis has come home! I can go do laundry! YAY!