Yesterday I woke up early thinking what a weird and ornate dream I had just had. I went to the computer to node the dream, but I found I'd left Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri running. By the time I shook my attention away from building a new civilization, I'd forgotten the dream.

I went to Sweetwater Organic Community Farm and helped move heavy things. The first task was moving a canoe rack several feet to the left by removing the canoes, removing the crossbeams from the telephone pole segments embedded in the ground, reattaching the crossbeams with the cantilevered portion a few feet to the left, and putting the canoes back up again.

Later I helped move medium-sized rocks (I'd say somewhere around 400 pounds each, based on the force I had to put on the lever and how far the lever -- a hollow metal pole -- bent). We hauled them a dozen yards or so to help support the bridge that had washed out.

Then I came back and didn't do any laundry, meaning that I have to take my laundry to work and do it when I get off. The laundromat near work has an extractor that spins out a hell of a lot of water from the clean wet clothing before it goes into the dryer. I'd never seen one in any other coin laundry, so I was skeptical, but it's definitely worth 50 cents.

Today's projects include finishing the installation of Mandrake Linux on a machine I brought from home; I'm hoping to put phpSlash on it and develop a prototype for a new service we can provide for libraries: a site devoted to book reviews provided by library staff and patrons. I need a good name for it, but for now I'm just naming the machine "books".