Stargirl is a 185-page novel written by Jerry Spinelli. It was published in 2000 by Random House in New York. It is targeted at young adults and considered by most "an easy read".

Brief Summary

Stargirl is an eccentric 10th grader who shocks Mica Area High School upon her arrival. Her odd name and clothing are only the initial shock; her actions are much more strange. During lunchtime, she plays the ukulele and sings happy birthday to different students. She brings a tablecloth and vase to adorn her school desk. The story is told to us through the perspective of Leo, a classmate and admirer of Stargirl. The school as a whole seems to form opinions about her and stick to those until they collectively decide otherwise. The story is about "the perils of popularity -- and the thrill and inspiration of first love".


ALA - Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults

Publishers Weekly - Best Book of the Year

Parents' Choice - Gold Award Winner

New York Times - Bestseller

NAIBA - Book Award for Children's Literature


I highly recommend Stargirl for young adults, especially those who are going into high school or some equivalent. It is not a philosophically stimulating novel, or an action-packed thriller. It is a simple story of a girl, a "celebration of nonconformity". I read this book as a freshman in high school and I believe it began change in my perspective on individualism.