2012 film starring Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt about a ghost writer for a YA series similar to Sweet Valley High.

But the series has been cancelled, and Mavis (Theron) is now writing the final installment in her high-rise apartment in Minneapolis. She has the attitude of a teenager, and when she receives an email (blasted out to many people) from her high school and college ex-boyfriend Buddy announcing his and his wife's new baby, she reacts like a jealous teenager. She packs her little dog and her macbook and heads to her town of Mercury, Minnesota, to win back Buddy. She's wants to break up his marriage, because she thinks they were meant to be together. Meanwhile, this idea finds its way into the plot of her final Waverly Prep novel. She has some initial success in making contact and restablishing an acquaintenance with Buddy, despite the efforts of another high school acquaintance of sorts, Matt, to explain how reprehensible her plan is. Matt and Mavis form an unlikely bond, and developments with Buddy reach their invetible disastrous finale - but when the truth comes out, you won't see it coming! If she accomplishes anything, it is to prove herself to be a very dedicated author and a decent human being after all. In her own way.

"Fuck Mercury." -Sandra

I give it "★★★★☆" (4 out of 5). A solid character-driven story, very well cast, natural dialog, a slice of real American life, warts and all in a backdrop of casual dining, department stores, chain hotels, high school abuse and personal tragedies, a strong statement about identity and survival.

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