There is a frighteningly detailed fan website, "The Ultimate GI Joe Cartoon Website," at It includes interviews with creative personnel, screenshots, yadda yadda yadda ...

... and a selection of some of the uplifting hints for successful living the Joes dispensed after every episode:

  • Quick Kick- Don't be in a hurry to build your tree house
    Remember, anything worth doing is worth planning.
    Lessons for the Daikatana project, anyone?

  • Spirit- What to do if you catch on fire
    Remember, if your clothes catch on fire, wrap yourself in a rug or blanket (and roll on the ground to smother the flames).
    That's just a parenthetical note; nothing to be too concerned about ...

  • Ripcord- Maybe you stink at baseball because you need glasses
    Having your eyes tested may clear things up. Don't avoid a problem. Meet it ( and beat it).
    Or perhaps you've been playing too much Dungeons & Dragons and eating too many Cheetos ...