A line of action figures made by Hasbro. The soldier doll, billed by the toy company as a "paranoid schizophrenic" that becomes violent under pressure, was pulled from stores after mental health organizations complained.

Series Three G.I. Joe figure. Zartan is the leader of the Dreadnoks, a rogue outfit of mercenaries employed by Cobra. The original figure was sold only with a swamp skier vehicle called the Chameleon. Zartan himself came with a pistol, body armor, a backpack, and a mask (because he's a master of disguise). He was also custom molded with temperature-sensitive plastic - parts of his body changed colors when exposed to sunlight. The vehicle also changed color, and came with detailed 'battle prints' on how it would operate in real life.

Zartan's Filecard:

Code Name: ZARTAN
File Name: Unknown
Aliases: Too numerous to list
Birthplace: Unknown

Zartan can alter his skin color at will to blend in with his environment. He is also a master of make-up and disguise, a ventriloguist, a linguist (over 20 languages and dialects), and acrobatic-contortionist, and a practitioner of several mystic martial arts. Very little is known of his background and origins, but most security agencies agree that he must have had European military academy training (probably St. Cyr).

Psychological Profile: Extreme paranoid schizophrenic. Grows into various multiple personalities to such an extent that the original personality becomes buried and forgotten.

As noted above, the schizo part of the filecard offended various groups, so it was removed for Series Four. By Series Five, the Zartan figure had been discontinued.

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