Out of the light came you. You didn't have to come but you did. You came and made my day today. How sweet. How unyielding. How unworthy do I feel today. But still, I appreciate how you made my day, and how you gave me warmth on an otherwise rainy day. You have made life better, even at least for today.

I thought about today, how we should hide from the secrets that we hide, from the problems that we face. Concern abounds the people around me, and for that I'm gracious. But still, I deem it not worthy use of your time. Why worry? My decision has been made. Its just a matter of time. One decision will change it all and even then, only will I decide whether it can be the way it should be.

I sit in quiet solitude, thinking about how things should be. How things have changed. Many don't understand. There is a limit to everything, and even then, the limit can be broken. To surpass such a level would require tremendous pressure and a feeling of tremendous relief. To undermine's one's own passion and anger to simplify the lives of the people around them simply isn't a deed done for nobility. It is done so that things aren't harder for others.

The dark speaks no words, and tells no tales. I hear the silence, yet I hear what I fear, or what I want to hear. Not unlike a dream, it becomes a haze, simply to become a fog lifted from my eyes at a later time. I flex my arms, then hold them, outstretched, and scream. Insanity has not grasped my mind, but it would have been a better explanation of everything. I tell my body that there is no pain, yet there is nothing else but. I feel a twinge in my knuckle, and an itch on my back. I stand with the breeze on my cheek, and a raindrop on my eyelid. I step back inside, into the warmth of home, yet it seems colder inside.

I wrap my blanket over my shoulder, and slowly place my hand on the keyboard. I lift them slowly, then place fingertips together. I whisper a silent prayer underneath my breath, hoping that the celestial maker hears me. But nothing responds back. It never does. I chuckle. I taste iron in my mouth. Blood rushes up from my throat.

I guess the day can't be perfect. If it just stayed the way it did in the morning, it would have been perfect. But like anything else, it wasn't meant to be. I don't wonder why my limits have been reached. Most people don't. They just wonder what took so long. No longer do I expect things to get better. I just decided to stop having such great expectations.

Tears of hope, tears of fear. Don't be afraid. I'll be here. Waiting for you. Stretch your hand blindly in the dark. Someday you'll find me. If not, I'll find you.