Hiding from the world today.

Early in the morning there was a completly unseasonal shower of rain, but by noon it was hot, the air and ground moist from the water.

Not much to do.

Did a foolish thing on E2. I was in a mood to make nodes, part of my resolution to reach level 6 in the next few months. I saw that virtual function was a new node with only one writeup by insanefuzzie. I felt that I had something to say here, pulled up a page and blazed away. A few minutes later I had a decent exposition up on the page.

I debated waiting until the previous writeup was off the new writeups list, but it was a slow day and I might not be online that long, so my options would be to save the text for later (and thus maybe lose my window of oportunity) or post now. I posted, hoping it would go down OK. insanefuzzie was polite, but I still feel bad that they asked for thier writeup to be nuked. Of course, now today ariels has gone and made an even better writeup than mine. What goes around comes around.

In the evening I went over to my brother's place. S- and L- were there and we made a fire and sat around it and drank wine until after midnight. Both of them are strong Tolkien fans, and we dicussed the arcana of the movie. I brouhgt my last bottle of backsberg sparking wine, and L- had opened a bottle of Villiera sonet.

J- had come back from some other event of hers. She was dead drunk, as per usual, and admitted as much. I told her that this is no handicap in a journalist, which in my experience is the case. SHe started bahaving badly, but my brother thankfully managed to put her to bed early.