A Quebéquois vigilante/terrorist organization dedicated towards discouraging Montréal shopkeepers from decorating their stores with Christmas displays prematurely.

In early November, almost a hundred stores along Mount Royal Avenue received a critical missive berating their lack of savoir vivre in pushing Noël (Christmas en Francais) down everybody's throat as early as the day after Hallowe'en and warning them to keep the displays away until December 1st, at the earliest, to avoid dire unspecified ramifications.

Since the letters were sent, four of the most ostentatious and uncooperative stores had their doors and windows splashed with white paint and three of the four, refusing to be cowed, were subsequently splashed with baby oil. Montreal Urban Community Police Commander André Durocher has described the letters as being written in articulate, even poetic French. The police don't have any leads on tracking down the ringleader of this group of noble grinches; Durocher noted "All we know is we're looking for someone who doesn't like Christmas." With the deadline passed and the Christmas shopping season well underway, the case may lie dormant unless the group is once again provoked into action over the next holiday season.

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