How Can It Be A Frozen Wasteland When It's 32°C And 95% Humidity or ... Where's Allseeingeye? An Aftermath Node

Who Showed Up

  • Altusmens (We ARE friendly to new noders)
  • legbagede (The host with the most)
  • mirv (Token American noder)
  • Senso (Survived three convenience store hold-ups to be here)
  • Stavr0 (designated drivel)

Phase One - Five-pin Bowling

Having showed up late, I cannot say much about the bowling. Drove right past the site, having not noticed the tiny sign pointing out the bowling lanes hidden in an unremarkable commercial building. I was expecting a bowling pin-shaped neon sign of some sort.

A kind of shabby ol' bowling lanes with the two old guy owners watching some kind of tractor pull event on some sports channel. Atmosphere was kind of subdued as no social lubricant was present. I did learn a new bowling technique: Intentionnaly forgetting to hit the spare cleanup button and hitting the gutter pin for a spare. Score sheet is currently in the custody of mirv, I think.

Phase Two - Food and Beer

Now the party is getting started. Three rounds of Rickard's Red later, everyone tells their life story including some scary holdup stories, current whereabouts of Our Sensei, general politico-anarchist discussions (Shrubya and Silvio Berlusconi mentioned) and some really good concert ticket stub stories (Godspeed you black emperor!).

Legbagede's girlfriend shows up and, uncharacteristic to any regular SO in the known universe, actually agrees to invite four strangers to their apartment, which leads us to

Phase Three - Leg Pad

After a quick ride in the Stavr0mobile (Radiohead sounds like Genesis, not the other way around!) we all sit down in Legbagede's basement appartment and continue our armchair philosopher musings until The Leg's GF reminds us that the last bus to Montreal is at 2AM (hint hint).

So major propz go to Legbagede and B___ for having us over and Altusmens, mirv and Senso for taking the Greyhound here and back.

Photographic evidence

Scarce I'm afraid, as I forgot to give my batteries a fresh charge before the gathering. So what we got is Altusmens's shoe, Mirv and Senso. That's it. A million thanks to Wertperch for tolerating all these noder pics on his site.

Epilogue: Random snippet of chatterbox conversation relevant to this topic

July 7, 2003
16:44 <Timeshredder> An ok flick and a good one marginally damaged by being taken too seriously.... Hey, allseeingeye, how'd the nodermeet go?
16:47 <allseeingeye> Noder meat? I have no noder meat
16:49 <Timeshredder> Didn't you host the Ottawa event this weekend?
16:51 <allseeingeye> If you mean "missed because my pool sprang a leak and ruined my weekend" then yes, yes I "hosted" it.
16:53 <nocte> that's why pools should be underground.
16:53 allseeingeye starts digging, Encino man style
16:55 metal rozsa dunks nocte in her pool