Although packaged like a microbrew, Molson's, one of Canada's largest beer manufacturers, brews Rickards. This full-bodied red ale brewed in single batches from four malts, ranks among the best beers produced by Molson's or Labatt's. It is relatively inexpensive, and has a slightly sweet taste. The aroma is, alas, a little weak. Molson's has brewed Rickard's at the site of the old Capilano Brewing Company in Vancouver since the early 1980s. The beer has become the Great White North's most successful red ale without much mainstream marketing, and as little as possible to tie it in with its true parent company.

This beer's success led to the widespread sale of Rickard's Gold, Rickard's Pale Ale, and Rickard's Honey Brown. I do not strongly recommend any of these, unless you really like mainstream brews or have nothing else available.

Many Canadian bars keep Rickard's on tap, and it has attracted the praise of noteworthy beer connoisseur Spider Robinson.

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