In the old Hercules cartoon, Owlman was some humanoid looking creature with the head of an owl who sat on top of a mountain dispensing sage advice to Hercules whenever he couldn't figure out what the hell to do. Before Hercules could say anything, Owlman would always start off by saying "Hercules, I already know why you're here for I am Owlman...I see all, I know all." To a six year old kid, that's got to be some pretty powerful stuff...I made it my point to see all and know all. Unfortunately, I never did get to see much beyond Ottawa and, to date, I know barely enough to get me past the first half of Jeopardy!

Nevertheless, in terms of a role model, I look to the Owlman. No past presidents, no CEOs, no war heroes, et al. No no no...a fictional character with the body of a human and a huge head of an owl will suffice.

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