A small, really cool coffee shop in Tucson, AZ. It is owned by a couple of (ex)Punk Rockers and has very interesting paint jobs on the walls. It is the exact opposite of Starbucks. The bathroom has a bunch of tiles all over the walls that the customers purchased and were able to put their own sayings and quotes on them. There used to be a pair of legs from a mannequin hanging off the balcony with a pair of underwear on under it's pants. I never could figure out why a pair of fake legs would need underwear. One day the legs dissapeared, and nobody seems to know where they went. I don't think anyone stole them, since they were pretty big and not to mention really high up. So who knows? Maybe they got up and walked away. Oh yeah, almost forgot - They make the best damn hot mocha's you will find on this side of the country.