A bar/restaurant with a spy theme in Milwaukee. It's a favourite amongst the gamers who attend Gen Con. The restaurant's only sign outside is "International Exports, Ltd." In order to get in you either need to know the password or you need to do a little embarassing performance for "Miss Moneypenny" to prove your "Spy Ability" (which is, of course, broadcasted inside to the bar). Once you're in, you are treated to a theme restaurant with tons of spy memorabilia. There are spy-related drinks (including "Hail to the Chief" which costs about $20, if I remember right, and you cannot order it for yourself. It has a whole performance given along with it: Order it for your friend and be treated to a show) which come with a complimentary glass. There's also a "Cover Booth" which has various sound effects.

I node all this without ever having gone myself: I've been chomping at the bit to make it to Gen Con every year, but haven't yet made it. My friends have all hyped this place up for me (and won't share the password). Next year is the last year that Gen Con will be in Milwaukee, so next year is the last possible year for me to go and enjoy this place. So, if you weren't sure if you were going to Gen Con, perhaps this is a good enough reason for you to go next year.

More information available at http://www.safe-house.com

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