Although Sony has since modified their camcorders so the Nightshot mode no longer has exposure control, and daylight shooting will be totally blown out to white, you can still buy these near-infrared filters (aka PF or Xray) from several places online. Kaya Optics is one I remember. You will, of course, pay the pervert markup.

Leaving aside the voyeur factor, these things can also show guns or shoplifted items beneath clothes, a robber's face beneath a mask, even see through tinted windows.

I'm not sure why SharQ is so sure I'm wrong, but I have actually seen the output from cameras with these lenses, and you can indeed see right through thin clothing, masks etc. No empirical data on tinted windows; it was alluded to on one of the review sites.

I guess readers will have to venture out into RL and see for themselves. :o)