The Axim X5 is a Pocket PC, running Windows CE 3.0 kernel and the Pocket PC 2002 shell. It is sold by none other than Dell, and it's their first Pocket PC. Just like all Dell computers, the Axim can only be ordered through their website or by phone. Unlike their other computers, Dell doesn't actually manufacture the Axim but only imports the pre-built device. There are two models being sold, the Basic and Advanced. They only differ in the CPU speed, RAM/ROM size and of course price.

Specifications: Although it's fairly big and heavy as far as current Pocket PCs go (compared to, for example, the 4 oz hp iPAQ h1910), probably the biggest advantage of the Axim is its price; $250 for a Pocket PC is a new record, made even better by the fact that Dell used to have a $50 rebate. In addition, unlike many other PDAs, the Axim has two slots, thus for example letting the SD slot be used for memory and the CF slot for an 802.11b card. The battery also lasts for quite a while, due to its size and the XScale's low power draw.

From my own experience, I can say this is a fairly good Pocket PC. While mine only has the 300 MHz XScale, it's powerful enough for listening to MP3s, Ogg Vorbis, watching DivX, playing Doom and emulating NES. The D-Pad does suck pretty badly, though, which makes games a bit hard to play. The screen is very, very nice, one of the best for a PDA, let alone one for this price.

Once a working Linux distro gets made for this thing...

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