The founder of Hashishism. He reorganized the Ishmaelian religion in order to account for the small-minded adept's inability to progress beyond certain levels of enlightenment. Sabbah gave his initiates a certain magical chemical and released them into a garden of delights he had constructed in his stronghold to duplicate the heaven promised in the Koran, complete with beautiful women to serve their every need. The initiate emerged from the garden convinced of Sabbah's powers as a holy man and ready to serve him in any way so long as he promised readmittance to the garden of delights unpon death. Hassan dispatched these followers to infiltrate organizations throughout the known world. Since Hashishism allowed misrepresenting oneself even to the point of denying one's faith and professing another, no group was able to stand against their moles. As a result, whenever a leader opposed or tried to attack Sabbah he was soon found dead. Sabbah's sect was eventually overrun by the mongol invasion, an army they had not infiltrated due to its remote origin. Hassan is best remembered for allegededly crying on his death bed, "Nothing is true. All is permissable." The words hashish and assassin are both corruptions of Hassan's name.