First, a little background info. I went and saw a sneek preview of The Candidate (pretty good movie)last night and I think that had a lot to do with the dream I had. In the dream I was Al Gore (strange, I'm Republican) but the kicker is that I looked like Tom Cruise. I was on some sort of late night talk show being asked questions about the race for president. In the dream I don't remember who I was running against. Anyway the person asking the questions was Regis Philbin. He kept asking me really hard questions that I couldn't answer. I don't remember any of the questions but I remember feeling anxious because I couldn't answer them. Everthing inside the studio seemed normal but then we went outside and the whole place was a desolate shit-hole like in the Mad Max movies. The last thing I remember before waking up was that there was a man walking around with a big woven basket and he had tobacco in the basket. Not fresh tobacco but processed like chewing tobacco. The other people would pay him to pour some of the tobacco on their shoes and then they would piss on the pile of tobacco on their shoes. Then I woke up.