I probably shouldn't have smoked those joints this morning, probably shouldn't have gone to work when I discovered I was stoned like hell, probably shouldn't have told the bus driver I was happy, so fucking happy, so fucking goddamn happy. Most certainly I shouldn't have smoked that other joint in front of my office. Oh well.

Other people probably never go sober to work, but to me it was a virginal experience. Even though I felt totally giddy, the day started out quite normal and when I entered the office my colleagues were talking their usual monday morning nonsense as if they didn’t realize they had been talking the same bullshit for 20,000 monday mornings in a row now. Oh, how lovely their little shrieks when they saw me – a thousand dancing seagulls welcoming me to the flock - and oh, how cheerful their questions about my weekend and how witty my reply which seemed hilarious to me at that moment but can't have been more than a simple '’t was fine'. Now normally, when I’m high or stoned, I get those really neat philosophical thoughts but this time all I could think of were James Brown lyrics, of which I suddenly understood the intellectual depth and beauty (I moaned on the melody of ‘make it funky’ once or twice, but I don’t think anyone noticed). Things got out of hand when a customer named D. Man called, and I actually started telling the guy about everything2.com and oh, oh, such a coincidence for we had a noder called DMan, hee-hee, such a coincidence, coincidence, coincidence! When the customer ended the phone call I suddenly felt totally relaxed and careless and when other customers called I just listened to them saying ‘Hello? Anyone there?’ untill I got tired of the game and pulled out the plug. It was about then that Bones said something like ‘Bill Gates has died !! No shit!!’ in the chatterbox and I thought to myself ‘If Gates is dead, then what the fuck am I doing here?’ and I shut down my NT workstation and walked away, out of the office, forgetting my coat.

I wish I would have learned something about life, mental strength or infinity today, but I’m not even sure I learned anything about the effect drugs have on me. The one thing I did learn is never to trust anything said in the chatterbox again, something I should have figured out months ago.

Oh papa! He's doing the Jerk
Papa...he's doing the Jerk
He's doing the twist ... just like this,
He's doing the Fly ev'ry day and ev'ry night
The thing's....like the Boomerang.
Hey....come on
Hey! Hey.....come on
Hey! Hey....he's pu tight...out of sight...
Come on. Hey! Hey!