I went to the post office today. I decided I'd go barefoot since it's summertime and I hate wearing shoes.

I walked in and there were probably eight children there with parents. Every one of those kids pointed at my feet and yelled something to the effect of "MA!! That man isn't wearing shoes!!" I love being the center of attention.

While I'm waiting in line, there's this little girl that keeps playing with the exit door. Her mother is standing about five feet away, yelling at the top of her lungs at her kid. But the little girl keeps playing with the door.

Finally, the mother walks over and just belts the kid. Amazingly, the kid doesn't even flinch. She just steps back. Then, she starts talking to her mother in sign language.

This lady just spent five minutes yelling at her deaf daughter and then beat her when she didn't respond. I wanted to smack that lady.

She figured out that she might be a little out of line when everyone in the post office started staring at her.

A little later on, while I'm still waiting in line, the first kid to point out my shoe impairment is bouncing his head lightly on the counter. I used to do this when I was a kid too, so it made sense to me.

Then, he leans way back, and drives his head square into the edge of the counter. He starts crying. I had to turn around and bite my hand to not laugh at the kid while his mom comforted him.

I should go to the post office more often.