The second Daria DVD I ordered showed up a few weeks ago. There are two bonus episodes from the last season on it, one of which I had never seen before. It's the last episode of the regular series, "Boxing Daria."

I watched it, and it kinda horrified me, because it all made perfect sense to me. There's a new fridge delivered to the Morgendorffer household, and the empty box jogs Daria and Quinn's collective memory to a fight Jake and Helen had when the girls were younger. It takes Daria a while to remember exactly what happened, and at one point she climbs in the box and says "Yes. This feels right."

She had a box just like it when she was a kid that she hid in during the fight, whereafter Jake left and spent the night in a hotel room. I'm not sure why, but I can't stop thinking about that episode.

I think my brain is punishing me for going to school. I can hear him up there yelling "Hey Fucko! What are you doing?! On Saturday morning we're either watching cartoons or sleeping off a hangover. What's this college shit?!"

I feel very out of place.