This week has been hell. Its just one of those weeks I should have spent in bed. Monday was bill day, and that's never a good way to start a week. Tuesday I was accused of lying over something absolutly stupid. Wednesday was ruined no thanks to my mood over the 2 previous days. Thursday it all blew up.

I went to my boyfriends work to pick him up, since his car is being fixed. No big deal, just normal everyday stuff. I logged onto my AOL instant messanger from his desk. Ok, yes I do have a lot of people on my list, and yes, most of them are male. But most of them I just talk to maybe once a week, and some even not that often. This upset my boyfriend, and in a way, I do understand why. He made a comment to the affect of "Wouldn't it be funny if I logged on and people started 'sex talking' me?" Ouch. This one hurt. I lashed back with "Well is that what you plan on doing?!?" Silence. Silence untill we left his work and got into the car.

I asked him why he didn't trust me. I didn't understand, I was confused, hurt, and I knew he was hurt as well. I wanted to understand what he was thinking and why he felt as he did. I know he has been shit on in the past, and I sort of understand his trust issues. Sort of. He admited he was controling, and I told him I wanted to help, and work through whatever it was. After some more talking, we both started to feel better.

This is going in a good direction I think. I feel we communicated well, and that things are looking up. Also, it helps that tomorrow its Saturday. Next week should be better, and our relationship already is better. Sure, we have a few kinks to work out, but who doesn't? I know he loves me, and I love him, and we are willing to work together. Plus, we make a great team.