So, in the last five days, I have been through the following things:

I now have a Computer Science degree. I've finally finished uni, and can look for a better job to replace the two I currently have. WooHoo!
South Devon College Staff Party
Not just any party, but at Paignton Zoo. What a damn cool place for a party.
Stag Night
And not just a normal stag night; a stag night in my hometown comprised of ten Frenchmen and two Germans only one of which I'd ever met before. Luckily most of them could speak English really well because my foreign language skills are, well, non-existent
Party at friend's parents house
With lots of free beer, wine and champagne
But a wedding that went on till three in the morning and was full to the brim with free alcohol.
Celebration for the graduation
Pub meal with the family time.

Why are you telling us all this? Well the point is that, during the last few days, I have consumed as much food, beer, wine and cigarettes as would normally have taken me over a month and I have hardly slept. I am, to be honest, knackered and fucked-up. I am ill.

In fact, I'm pretty bad at being well. I smoke too much; I drink too much; I sleep too little; when I remember to eat, I eat unhealthy crap. In fact, I'm no good at looking after myself; I'm unfit and underwieght, I flit between sugar high and tired lows, between caffiene-induced edgyness to disorganised confusion. This is not good.

So I've decided to become healthy. Not a complete health freak, but healthy. I wanna eat better, smoke and drink less and sleep better. I want to be able to get up the morning without feeling like shit. I want my brain to start working without the aid of coffee, coca-cola and several skinny roll-ups. I want to sort my self out, in a physical manner. I want to be able to play football with my mates without collapsing in a breathless heap.

It's odd. I'm one of those people who reads the manual from cover to cover. Anything I encounter, I want to find out more about; I consume information about stuff like this. But when it comes to the proper maintanance of the human body, I'm pretty clueless. So I turned to google to help. But google doesn't help. This is my problem: I want to be healthier and fitter, but all the websites I've found cater for people who want to lose weight, or people who want to become muscle-bound. I want neither of these things; I'm a 26-year-old man who weighs 9 stone, losing weight would probably kill me.

Anyway. Here is a public declaration that I am going to become a healthier person from now on -- if you see a writeup deletion request for this w/u in the future, you know I've failed. And if anyone knows of a good website to read, or has some useful tips for me I'd be really grateful for a msg...