How does one requite?

I mean, I can get the origin of disillusion (because while you weren't illusioned, you did have illusions), but I can't understand the etymological semantics behind unrequited love.

More importantly, why am I thinking about it? Well, in case you haven't guessed, this is a Nodeian Slip - I'm putting up something personal in a day log. So here goes.

There's a nice guy in front of me in my world history class. Okay, more than nice. He's incredibly cute, incredibly smart, funny, charming, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Problem: I have absolutely no clue if he's gay. So what better to do than direct my romantic quandry at the poor, dejected readers of Everything2? I'm going to invite him to Requiem for a Dream (which just now opened. gawd.) this weekend, and hopefully, I can find out more. I mean, it's better than my friend Amy's plan.

"Well jeez, Fritz, it's simple. I'll flash him in the hall, and see if he takes a grab."

Time to do some requiting.