The wrong teller

One of the tellers at the bank was a girl I knew. I ended up in front of a teller I wasn’t familiar with. I wasn’t sure if the bank at the mall was set up to handle loan applications but I didn't think it would hurt to ask the teller what kind of a rate I could get for an auto loan. The phone call didn't take long. I would need to bring in two years worth of tax information. My credit was good and I could get a better loan from the bank I was at than the one the car dealership was using. Ten minutes after I walked into the bank my check was still sitting on the counter. I didn't have the cash I needed for a down payment either. Five people made it through the line while my teller made another phone call. This time he needed my driver's license. I asked him where the current mortgage rates were at. If I wanted to roll the dice and apply for an adjustable rate mortgage I could possibly get a mortgage for as low as 4.22%. An adjustable rate mortgage isn't for everyone. I would rather pay more for the safety and security of a 30 year mortgage but the extra expense would be worth it to me.

My teller started asking me questions. Where did I work? What kind of benefits did I get working twenty hours a week? How much car was I buying? How long had I lived in my home? From there we moved on to my checking account. Was I interested in taking advantage of a package the bank offered? I could get a money market instead of a traditional savings account. When I told him the account he was looking at wasn't my main checking account he wanted to know where the rest of my money was. We talked about business checking and online bill pay. He asked about the check I was depositing. I don't have a lot of money but I still get dividend checks from stocks that do not currently offer a dividend reinvestment plan. The check was from Discover Financial. When I mentioned that I used to work for their parent company, he asked about my investments and retirement account. After that he wanted to know how many days I worked. I went through my schedule with him. Typically I work Monday, Wednesday and a couple hours on the weekend. We talked about the the vehicle I was going to purchase. Current blue book value is $18,250. I was buying it for $16,500. I sold the car I had for $4,500 plus interest. We talked about cars, driving and insurance.

I wasn't sure I had heard the teller right when he asked if I was interested in a part time job. By now I was sure that this was not an ordinary teller but I didn't know what he did at the bank he normally worked at. The teller next to him interrupted our conversation to let my teller know that someone named Renee was on the line for him. I was at the bank for almost forty minutes talking to a teller I had never met before. Initially I was slightly annoyed that my simple transactions were taking so long. I walked into the bank expecting to deposit a check and withdraw cash. I walked out with two names and a phone number I could call if I required further assistance. Before I reached the end of the hall my cell phone rang. It was Renee calling me with rate information. Even if I sent her my taxes that day she wouldn't be able to process my loan. I called the dealership back. They were waiting for one other bank to get back to them with loan rates for me. At the dealership Joe told me I could wait until Thursday to bring in my loan information. When Renee gets my taxes she’s going to tell me whether or not it makes sense to refinance my home. I will get a better rate on my auto loan than the one the dealership is offering me.  I have a potential new job opportunity I didn't have before and all because I went to someone I thought was the wrong teller.

Moral of the story: Don't try and interfere with fate. It has a plan for you too.

The Downspiral Mix

An atmospheric selection for fast driving in the dark with an alcohol afterglow, a burning cigar, and just a touch of rage
-~shouting along is encouraged~-


  1. "Aisha" - Death in Vegas, The Contino Sessions
  2. "Tightrope" - The Stone Roses, Second Coming
  3. "Woke Up This Morning" - Alabama 3, Exile on Coldharbour Lane
  4. "Electro Glide in Blue" - Apollo Four Forty, Electro Glide in Blue
  5. "On Being Blue" - Art of Noise, The Seduction of Claude Debussy
  6. "Rock 'n Roll Fantasy" - Bad Company, Original Bad Company Anthology
  7. "A Day in the LIfe" - The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  8. "In the Dark" - Billy Squier, The Best Of
  9. "Go Down" - Bombshell Rocks, Punk-o-Rama
  10. "Nine Acre Dust" - The Charlatans UK, Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers Note: Outside the US, this band is known simply as Charlatans.
  11. "Patrol (Chemical Brothers Mix)" - The Charlatans UK, Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers
  12. "Three Little Birdies Down Beat" - The Chemical Brothers, Dust
  13. "Come Down Here" - Chris Connelly, Come Down Here 12"
  14. "I'm Falling" - The Comsat Angels, Real Genius Soundtrack
  15. "Coast is Clear" - Curve, Pubic Fruit
  16. "Over There" - Connells, Boylan Heights
  17. "Weapons of Mass Distortion" - The Crystal Method, Legion of Boom
  18. "coming up roses - Curve, Come Clean
  19. "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" - David Bowie, Outside
  20. "Running Knees" - Days of the New, Godzilla Soundtrack
  21. "Dirt" - Death in Vegas, Dead Elvis
  22. "personal jesus" - Depeche Mode, The Singles 86>98
  23. "Novocaine for the Soul" - Eels, Beautiful Freak
  24. "Down to Earth" - Peter Gabriel, WALL-E Soundtrack
  25. "Weapon of Choice" - Fatboy Slim, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
  26. "Down in the Park" - Foo Fighters, Songs in the Key of X
  27. "Everybody Be Cool" - George Clooney, From Dusk Till Dawn
  28. "Going Down" - Godsmack, MI:2 Soundtrack
  29. "Spiral" - Jesus Jones, Perverse
  30. "Here Comes the Comedown" - Love and Rockets, Sweet F.A.
  31. "Black Delilah" - Curve, Pink Girl with the Blues
  32. "Meltdown" - Lunatic Calm, Metropol
  33. "Do You Know What I Mean" - Oasis, What's the Story Morning Glory
  34. "Lucky Man" - The Verve, Urban Hymns
  35. "Houston in Two Seconds" - Ry Cooder, Paris, Texas Soundtrack
  36. "Spiral" - Matthew Sweet, Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu

Note: This is not a playlist. This is a selection. For best results, arrange into pleasing order for best maximum yes more hearing fun and repeat on high volume. It will work as is, but is best tweaked.

a spunkotronic sounds recommendation

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