I was in the basement of the Paris Hotel/Casino in Tokyo (which was actually Las Vegas), where the Council was meeting to prepare for the coming of great evil. The council agreed that the only way to stop the evil from spreading throughout the city was to resurrect three equally evil gods whom we would have to defeat in battle before they would help us. So we summoned them to this basement, which was actually a proscenium theatre; in form they were a skeleton, a wizard, and a skeleton (I was too dellusional to realize i already had a skeleton). I was assigned to the team that would fight the skeleton; our strategy was to tackle it and break its spine. We succeeded, but I was the only one who avoided having his arm ripped off. So the three gods agreed to help us by summoning the evil dragon god from his eternal sleep.

While the gods prepared their spell, i looked around for a good (and safe) place to watch because I had never witnessed anything like this before. I decided I would take a seat in a nearby room with a fireproof window to the stage.

When the dragon finally appeared, it was really freaking huge. It was also rather pissed about having to be woken up. The gods had not bothered to warn us that to the dragon, purification meant destruction of everything. So it started destroying everything in sight. By this time the ceiling was crumbling and fire was shooting out of holes all over the place. We decided we would take the elevator up to the top of the tower where we would be safe.

At the top of the tower was a cheesy gift shop. It was very crowded because everyone wanted to do last-minute shopping before everything they knew became rubble. The dragon had now left the hotel and was destroying the city, and I realized at this point that it was very stupid to think that the top of the tower would be safer than the basement. I took the elevator down to the basement to avoid certain death by fire and crumbles.

When I finally went outside, it was morning. The city was mostly in ruins, most of the people there were dead, but the dragon god had returned to his hibernation. It turns out that the dragon had destoryed only the tacky theme casinos; all the "normal" ones had been left unscathed. The Luxor (Egyptian theme) was also unharmed because the light at the top of it is just so damn cool.