I’m trying to do uni work but I’m thinking about his letter, he is thinking stuff like that our relationship is based on physical stuff and that we don’t talk deeply. I suggested he come over tonight and read the letter to me, but he gave the excuse that it’ll be a hassle for both of us. Hassle for who? For me? If it was I wouldn’t have suggested it. He says he wants to see me but that its not worth the little time we’d have, I would have thought that any time no matter how little is worth it. Unless your just not in the mood, which I’ve felt like sometimes, but only because I have to drive all the way to his house all the time and it gets tiring. He never comes here. I said that he can call and read the letter and that’ll make him speak and I get to hear his beautiful voice, he said that wouldn’t help, that I could call him if I wanted to, he never calls. You would think that reading the letter would strike up a conversation about things, he says I have to make him feel more comfortable with speaking to him, by asking questions. I have a feeling that he wants to say something but can’t unless prompted, but I have no idea what the right questions are to ask to get him started and I’m not really in the mood for talking.