This film spawned two video games back during its initial theatrical release, one for the NES and another for the Game Boy. Both games are seperate titles and bear few similarities, although both titles were developed by Sunsoft.

The NES version featured Gizmo has he worked his way through the various floors of the Clamp Centre, such as the lobby, the air conditioner ducts, different television studios, and the control room. The game is played in a 3/4 isometric viewpoint, allowing Gizmo to walk and jump in eight directions. There are five worlds, each with two levels plus a boss room. After defeating a boss Gizmo acquires a more powerful weapon. He startes with a throwing tomato and works his way up to the Rambo-inspired flaming arrow. Bosses are based on the gremlins from the movie, such as Mohawk, Electrogremlin, and Spidergremlin. The game also includes a password system to make play a little easier.

The Game Boy version was a side-scrolling platformer that consisted of four worlds with two levels each plus a boss level and two bonus rounds. Gizmo is once again the playable character and he must fight his way past the gremlins and hazards of the Clamp Centre. His two weapons are a pencil which is used to scratch and a stereo that contains a music note that Gizmo can shoot. The bosses are again based on their movie counterparts, with the Batgremlin being the most frustratingly difficult boss in the game in my opinion. There are no passwords and no continues, making this game extremely difficult yet strangely addictive.