A Greek mythology flick that looks like it was probably made in the sixties, but in fact was made in 1981. Witness the greatest in stop-motion animation as the legendary Perseus, son of Zeus, fends off terrifying beasts like terrifying stop-motion scorpions, the horrifying stop-motion Medusa, and the colossal stop-motion Kraken, all with the help of Pegasus, his stop-motion winged horse, and his little friend Bobo, the stop-motion clockwork owl.

In all seriousness, this film is quite entertaining. Perseus, son of Zeus, wins the hand of the princess Andromeda, but her former lover Calibos calls in a favor to Poseidon. The monstrous Kraken will destroy the city if Andromeda is not sacrificed. Perseus must return with the head of Medusa, the only thing that can stop the Kraken. To help him he is given a powerful sword, a mirror-like shield, and a helm of invisibility. There's some pretty cool stuff, like huge floods tearing down buildings and drowning people, and the Olympus scenes are pretty cool - all of the humans are represented as little figurines on the wall that the Gods are free to play with.

OK, so it's not Oscar material. So what. It's much better than "Hercules in New York", anyway.

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