A 1970 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (credited as Arnold Strong) as Hercules, who ends up in New York with wacky consequences. In addition to the laughable special effects, this movie is worth watching just because Arnold is dubbed in it. That's right, folks -- Arnold hadn't spent too much time in the States before making this film, and began a long tradition of being better known for his rippling physique than his ability to speak English. As a result, they got this guy with a really wimpy voice to do the vocals, which is just silly beyond comprehension.

Often seen on USA Network, or you could try picking it up at your local video store. Rumor has it that on the special edition DVD, one of the menu options is to toggle the dubbing and listen to Arnold incomprehensibly speak his lines. You can also hear them spoken in Spanish, for the masochist in all of us.

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