The 1985 Monty Brewster found some fairly ingenious ways of spending $30 million. Some of the more memorable include...

  • Buying a rare stamp on which the airplane was printed upside down, then he mails it on a postcard.
  • Buying a 3 inning exhibition baseball game versus the New York Yankees. The opposing team? His own minor league Hackensack Bulls.
  • Speaking of the Hackensack Bulls, Brewster flies them into New Jersey, has then take a helicopter to New York for a welcoming ceremony, then loads the team into a bus for a ride back to New Jersey.
  • Buying lunch for whoever happens to be around ("You all like Le Fete?").
  • Running for mayor and spending millions on the campaign, then dropping out of the race the day before the election.
  • Throwing lavish parties with all sorts of expensive food and drink.
  • Rents quarters to use in pay phones.
  • Buying 60 bottles of rare wine at $10,000 a bottle at auction, then popping open each bottle and distributing glasses of wine among the crowd.